Monday, October 12, 2009


What is it?

The Senmurv is a wolf/eagle hybrid invented, without question, by someone with a dreamcatcher hanging from the rear-view mirror of their pickup truck. Each successful attack deals 1d6 of freedom.

Where it Went Wrong:

The Senmurv is what Toby Keith becomes every full moon, and as such it fails to impress us on every conceivable level. The only thing more ridiculous than picturing this beast clawing feebly through the sky like a Technicolor ValueJet, is imagining it trying to stand upright on two hind legs never meant for the task.

Actually, more ridiculous still is imagining this beast's conception, which apparently involved a wolf, a giant tropical bird and painful screeches from within a cloud of neon feathers.,

AHAHAHAHAHAHA, this is hilarous. Yes I am now devoting less then a sentence, I will post a more thoughtful post to come but OMG. I know, Dungeons and Dragons inside joke. For more retarded creatures, please check out the link above. And if you don't get the joke, well maybe someone should expand their horizons.

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