Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you Confused?

Preorder bonuses for games are cool. If you are already going to purchase a new game, why not get something for your troubles? Getting a cool piece of in-game content is definetly worth shelling out 5 dollars or even 10 dollars towards your purchase. However it seems that nowadays the entire preorder landscape of games is just a muddled mess. Albeit an almost desperate attempt for retailers to corner away a share of the audience.

Dragon Age Origins, Bioware's upcoming fantasy RPG is a good descripter of this problem. For at least 3-4 different retailers, there is a special "pre-order" bonus item avaliable. THAT IS CONFUSING! I just want to buy a copy of your damn game and play it. Not this stupid bullcrap of getting an item here and an item there. Yes the argument is very valid that I can not care and just buy a regular copy of the game. However in some way it feels like being screwed over immensly. 2ks Borderlands shares this same problem by offering "special" guns for preorder bonus.

As stated before, I like preorder in-game items. (to be finished)

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