Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Progressive Future of Video Games

As G.D.C continues on this week, many interesting points are being raised or in short, being addressed again. As many people have noticed over the course of the industry is the lack of "progressive" games. I believe in this generation that we have all lost the ability to fear and or view things inferentially. We have become accustomed to being slapped in the face with overall obvious game design and poor scares. Like the newly released Resident Evil 5, fear is certainly not an existing aspect in the game whatsoever. Why should I be afraid of anything when zombies are static bullet sponges, and I have enough firepower and ammo to take over a small country? The lack of a very inferential experience that draws in your most complex emotions and the ability for a game to make you ponder the intrinsic details of their interpretation and meaning.
I believe that over the years we as gamers have lost something very vital in this console generation. The ability to draw from and take our own inference from the overall story and experience that we payed forty to sixty dollars on. Every game offers its own experience and as a whole every gamer draws something from it. However, due to the changing iteration of difficulty, gamers have lost any sense of connection with the overall experience. Albeit, the moments that now capture our attention are drawn out testosterone based explosions and gore. The sense of wonder that existed in the older generation of games has all but evaporated. No challenge exists anymore, turning every single game into an over wraught movie. You press one button or sometimes even two to advance the plot of the game. The result is a lack of deep connection to the entire journey that you shared with this character; all the deaths and failures you endured to reach the end. This emotional undertaking is slowly fading as the new console generation is ushered in. Is it the future of gaming? As it exists now, the industry is certainly embracing it. Will you let it happen?

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