Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Death of the Self, (and the Rebirth of the Family)

A man had a dream, a dream of a world where rational self-interest reigned free. A place where man is not held down by governments or morality, outside of God and away from the leeches of society. In the world of Bioshock, that dream is realized. Enter Andrew Ryan; an enigmatic randian hero. He constructed a city underwater, a thriving metropolis free from the constraints of the common man. Rapture, he called it. Yet by some cruel sense of nature, man will always be man. The city fell to ruin, in a philosophical sense. Its citzens begun to experiment with genetics, trying desperatly to alter their appearences in a vain attempt to achieve beauty. Eventually these genetics spiraled into weapons, and the city erupted into an all out civil war. Little girls now roam the halls of Rapture, extracting "Adam" from the corpses of the forgotten. While the Big Daddies, large hulking men and women in diving suits, stand watch over them.

This is the world of Bioshock,

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