Saturday, November 21, 2009

That was Controversy?

Hailed by Fox media and right wing news sites, as a "terrorist" simulator, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is the game to talk about this year. Of course the controversy stems from the one mission 2 hours into the game that places you as an undercover CIA agent charged with infiltrating a Russian crime cell. This situation escalates with you and your compatriots rushing into a Moscow Airport, shooting civilians by the dozens. As a civilian cries for mercy, you desist to pour boxes of bullets into said person's skull. No, of course that isn't how it is.

It simply is just melodrama that appears to support either the "games are art" or the "violent video games are negative" argument. The game supports neither, and the journalistic fallout is appalling. Multiple, if not all game publications have labeled this experience as "intense" and emotionally groundbreaking. While I will not name drop,(cough GameSpot, GameInformer cough) this behavior only strengthens the publicity that this game receives. Seriously? You are stabbing a knife into someones neck while seeing the whites of their eyes staring at you. You kill upwards of 200-300 people in your trek to stop the ultra nationalist psychos from taking over the United States.

The entire game is just one anthetamean based over the top action story. It may look photo realistic, but the actual story and scenarios are far from it. There is nothing realistic about the scenarios placed in Call of Duty and as such, no it does not operate in a morally grey area. Modern Warfare 2 is simply just The Rock: the video game.

So placed with the absurdity of the overall game, we choose to cry foul at this one airport level? We as gamers don't have a problem gunning down digital men and women clothed in army fatigues. But oh no, give them a plaid shirt, denim jeans and suddenly we are despicable evil men. Give me a break. Point being, there is no controversy in Modern Warfare 2, so shut up.

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