Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Microsoft Press Conference at E3

So after a pretty awkward opening with the Beatles Rock Band demonstration, the Microsoft press Conference was underway. There were some very impressive games being shown off: Alan Wake, SplinterCell Conviction, Halo ODST, Left4Dead2, Modern Warefare 2, and better Netflix support. The true gaming news came directly after, when Microsoft officially won E3 with this bombshell.

Twitter and Facebook are now coming to Xbox Live. Now something that is mitigated to your PC and cellular device can now be infected into your console. Aren't you glad now? Truly now gaming will evolve into the forced awkward community it so sorely needs to be. The future of gaming is not charging fifty dollars a year for people to use your Internet service. Obviously it isn't for you to reassure your consumers on the integrity of your console. Lastly it isn't about greater support for community XNA titles and those rare "good" games. The future of gaming is Twitter and Facebook, on my 360. Wonderful.

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