Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm not normally very subjective when it comes to movies, but what a crappy movie. The new Wolverine movie was a horrid waste of ten dollars. Yes, that piece of bland and unoriginal tripe was ten dollars.

While I am in no way a comic book fan or have ever been, I think they ruined the Deadpool character. Ryan Renolds was decent up until the last thirty minutes of the movie. You do not take a character that has great reflexes and no superpowers and turn him into a superpower toting freak. As my friend earlier today stated, the movie used too many powers just for the sake of using powers. The effects come off as bland and just plain showy, my eyes started bleeding towards the end. There barely exists any human aspect for the characters and it just turns into who can perform the crappy special effects better then the other person. Honestly, even as pure entertainment I would not recommend this for anyone, unless you love Hugh Jackman.(yes he is seriously ripped)

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