Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Capcom DLC

While I do realize that many publications have made numerous arguments on the problems with DLC lately, I feel that the topic needs to be addressed again. Lately one of the easiest targets for the arrival of "cheap" DLC has been Capcom. Capcom has been taking flak lately for poor support of Street Fighter Four. Instead of thanking loyal paying fans for their devotion to a long standing series, they decide to slap in extra costumes for around fifteen dollars in total.
Now they have achieved another faux pas in their DLC approach.
That being the newly released VS modes for Resident Evil 5. If Capcom charged five dollars for a very solid multi player experience then there would be no point to gripe. However the former is simply not true. Capcom sees fit to charge five dollars for two modes that are seemingly broken. The overall control scheme of Resident Evil should never support competitive multi player. Four players compete and try to shoot each other or other zombies to beat each other through scores. On top of which Resident Evil 5 has a very awkward control scheme to begin with. So in the end you just have four players standing in a circle trying to shoot each other. After several years of the same corridor shooter, you find it fair to introduce competitive multi player? There is no overall rewards for the game play and after multi player experiences like Left4dead and the zombie mode in Call of Duty: World At War, this is inexcusable.

Its almost funny in a sense to consider how greedy companies like Capcom are. While I agree that paying ten dollars for three maps is a travesty, charging obscene amounts for your fan base is ridiculous. The limited editions for both Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV both cost thirty dollars over the retail version and were filled with useless junk. No, not memorabilia that is nostalgic, just useless crap. If this is the future of community support, then I believe it is a future I do not want a part of. Unfortunetly as I write this, there are probably dozens of people downloading the new costumes and playing the Versus mode. So Capcom and other developers can continue charging ridiculous amounts of money for DLC.

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